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As you know making good quality content takes a lot of time and money. One of the most misunderstand thing is that cam girls make a lot of money. There are those that do, but your average cam girl doesn't. In doing this podcast we are taking time away from spending online in our chatrooms and thus dipping into the money we earn. Your support helps us to continue to create content and is very appreciated. There are two ways to help us out. You can donate through PayPal or Patreon below. We have rewards to those that help out through Patreon. Thank you in advance.

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We will be mainly be focusing on podcasts. No topic is out of bounds. Our podcast is an informative narrative about what it's truly like to be on the other side of the screen.  There are two ways to listen to our podcast, you tube and sound cloud. You can find both on this page.  If you have ideas for future podcast or questions you would like to ask the models please use our contact form. You can omit you email and use a fake name if you want to remain anonymous.