Welcome everyone! Cam Girl Real World is a collaboration dedicated to showing the real life of cam girls, including podcast, blogs, and more! It is hosted by Geisha Monroe and ShaeBBW. You can find more about them under podcasters. Geisha always wanted to show the public the real world of cam girls and what that truly means. People see cam girls as glamorous people who live crazy lives and that isn't the case. Along the way she met Shae. Through late night ramblings the group of people that joined in to listen to them began to grow. They realized they were on to something and everything grew from there. If you have any questions or topics for future podcast or would like to be invited to one, whether as a cam model or a cam viewer, please use the contact us form. Also don't forget to follow us on twitter so you know as things become available. Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to listen to the Cam Girl Real World. Where you get inside the minds of your favorite cam girls.

What is Cam Girl Real World (CGRW)?